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A comprehensive list of visual media software resources: libraries, tools, services.

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With this form we want to stock in available tools and services for the domain of Visual Media and Interactivity. Our goal is to create a directory of all resources (open source tools, free software libraries, commercial systems) which could be proficiently used for Visual Media in Digital Humanities. The term Visual Media encompasses any of the following: 2D images, enhanced image types, 3D models, video, terrain and GIS. We would consider both resources supporting data creation and processing, and resources for visualizing and interacting with the data. The results of this survey will be later published and made available for all DARIAH partners and our Digital Heritage community.

This activity is a contribution to the DARIAH ERIC, more precisely VCC1 e-Infrastructure and part of the activities of the Working Group on Visual Media and Interactivity.

NOTE: if you want to contribute some data on your preferred tool(s) to the list we are compiling, please go to the "ADD" page (see the menu above) and fill up the form.